Group Purchasing Manager

M&G Group

to centralise purchasing - reduce costs - improve delivery performance

Location: Assen, NL

The M&G Group is the European market leader in the production and sales of flue venting and ventilation systems. A profitable turnover of 140 million euros is achieved with 800 employees, with locations in Assen, Groningen, Beverwijk, Turkey, Italy, Belgium and France. Sales are centralised for OEM clients (mostly central heating boiler manufacturers) on the one hand and via an in-house European distribution organisation which mainly supplies technical wholesalers on the other hand. The company has a good reputation in the market, with strong brands such as Burgerhout, Anjo and Stabile. It is known for their high quality as well as broad knowledge base and strong product development.

The organisation is on the cusp of a number of major challenges, including the merger of two factories (in Assen and Groningen) into a new factory in Assen-Zuid. Additionally, several strategic improvement and integration projects have been initiated which should bear fruit soon.

In order to further centralise the different procurement processes at the various locations, and to manage the purchasing team, on behalf of the M&G Group we are looking for a Group Purchasing Manager.

Group Purchasing Manager

The Group Purchasing Manager is the manager in charge of strategic, tactical as well as operational purchasing. You and your department are responsible for all purchasing within the M&G Group. The total expenditure is approx. 70-80 million euros and constitutes of raw materials (mainly plastic and metal), goods for sale, packaging materials, but also transport facilities, temporarily hired staff and other non-product related items.

You will start by mapping out all purchasing-related issues within the different (international) branches of the M&G Group. You will then use these insights for optimising the supplier selection and incorporate them into the ERP system. You will also use this data for your (medium-)long-term strategy.

This will enable you to further develop the purchasing policy. Together with your team, you have a strong focus on achieving cost reductions, shortening delivery times, monitoring the quality and delivery reliability of suppliers (through the use of Vendor Rating) and selecting new strategic partners.

You are a manager who coaches and a driving force behind your team. With your (international) network, expertise in handling contracts and your negotiating skills, you approach suppliers together with your team.

You also maintain close contacts with Sales, R&D, Operations and Supply Chain where, from your purchasing perspective, you identify ways to optimise products or processes in order to make the purchasing process more efficient.

Your profile

Preferably, you have a technical background (HBO+/University of Applied Sciences or academic level), possibly with the addition of NEVI 2, CIPS or a comparable qualification. You have experience at a strategic purchasing level in a production/assembly organisation with a mixture of purchased materials. You have experience in an international purchasing environment, and you are able to substantiate this with specific examples and results.

You are a good manager/negotiator and someone who is able to build a relationship of trust with key suppliers and in-house clients, without losing sight of the interests and objectives of your own organisation. You have a natural ability to find a good balance between strategic activities (e.g. creating business plans and strategies) and activities that require a hands-on mentality. As a manager, you are someone who develops, delegates effectively, motivates and facilitates your employees in their work. You are also capable of making the connection with R&D so that purchasing advantages can be realised without compromising on quality.

The following qualities complete your profile: Highly proficient in English (written and spoken), strong analytical skills, good conceptual skills, contract management skills, highly energetic, powers of persuasion, goal-oriented (“first time right” attitude), integrity, excellent communication skills, inspiring and a team player.

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